Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Post #2: Your Evolution

Human evolution, even with its apparent ups and downs, rises and falls, has been a constant driver throughout history. Each generation serves as a foundation or building block for the next, and each evolutionary failure becomes the impetus for future success. Our children come in knowing things that we couldn't have known at their age, being ways that we couldn't have been at their age.

This is also true globally. The many crises we have been experiencing as a planet---the economic, environmental and social breakdowns we are witnessing---serve as evolutionary drivers pushing us toward an improved existence. When we see something we don't like, our minds (often automatically) create an improved scenario which begins a concrete manifestation process.

While natural evolution has been ongoing throughout history, it is believed by many that a huge evolutionary leap is occurring on this planet right now. People are waking up en masse, and many children are now born in an already-evolved state. The kind of spiritual advancement that once required years of meditation, religious devotion, and/or psychotherapy, is now much more accessible. Our sincere intentions and a willingness to embrace the present moment can now move us forward very quickly.

This is a time of endings and new beginnings, and many theorists and spiritual teachers believe that a new golden age is afoot, or at least new possibilities and potentials for our planet. Many spiritual seekers are feeling the pull to heal their own issues and help other people, as well as the Earth herself, do the same.

Regardless of what happens or doesn't happen in the next few years (2012 and beyond), now is a great time to do your homework, unload your mental and emotional baggage, tune into your higher purpose, and become the person you came here to be. You can do this!