Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Post #3: Being in Resonance

When a singer or musical instrument reaches a state of resonance, the sound produced becomes richer, fuller, and more powerful than before. It can reach inside us and move us because of the precision with which it is "hitting the mark."

The same concept applies to us when we are enjoying a moment of full presence in the here and now, or experiencing resonance with our true nature. You may be able to recall several times when you felt completely in alignment with life, your Higher Self, and the universe. Maybe you were dancing, sailing a boat, meditating, or enjoying a truly happy moment with family or friends. Looking back, you know that you were tapping into the joy of being, which is your birthright, your natural spiritual state.

Sadly, some people live in such a continous state of low-grade fear and diminished expectations that these fleeting moments of true alignment only make them nervous. They are generally afraid to get their hopes up. When any form of fear enters the picture we can be knocked off balance, but through simple observation we can learn to identify where we've gone wrong, and quickly get ourselves back on track.

Beverly, a spiritual teacher in Mt. Shasta, California, teaches the following. She says you know you're out of resonance when:

1.  You are living in the past, or living in the future

2.  You are too grounded, or not grounded enough (overly rooted in your body, or spacing out)

3.  You are playing too big, or playing too small (ego is in charge, and it's either inflated or deflated)

4.  You are moving too slowly, or moving too fast (bored and inactive, or busy and overextended)

When you find yourself unhappy or out of sorts, try checking the above list. Chances are you will find yourself in one or more categories, but by applying a little focused intention to the problem area you may find that you are able to come back into resonance surprisingly quickly.