Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Book Release: Remembering Who You Are...

Hi Everyone, I'm pleased to announce the release of my new book, Remembering Who You Are: A Guide to Spiritual Awakening and Inner Peace--with an Introduction to Ascension, which is now available in paperback. Please check out the following link for more information: Amazon.com/Remembering...

Book Description:
If you've ever wondered why you are here or how your life could hold more meaning, you are among the millions of people on the planet who have begun the process of spiritual awakening. Perhaps you've been traveling this road for some time. While there are many effective spiritual paths and teachers to follow, your most reliable and empowering guidance comes from within. Drawing from Eastern and Western thought, as well as ancient and modern-day wisdom, Jill Shinn highlights several transformative approaches that will help you cultivate your own inner guidance and unique spiritual path.

Your divine true nature is extraordinary, and when you tap into it you have the power to move mountains. Remembering Who You Are is a toolbox of key information, insights, and techniques that will help you wake up to who you really are and find the inner peace you've been searching for. Whether you're new to the spiritual path or a seasoned traveler, the next leg of your spiritual journey begins here.

This book is for you, and it is my greatest wish that it will help you remember the beautiful being that you truly are.