Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Lesson #26: Life Between Lives

There's a lot of talk of the "afterlife," but what happens between lives? This question, of course, is based on the reincarnation assumption, or belief that our souls experience a series of human lives.

A few years ago I read one of the most facinating books I'd ever encountered. This book, Journey of Souls by hypnotherapist Michael Newton, documented the findings of his forty year career. He, along with a few other pioneers in his profession, accidentally stumbled upon the "interlife" during sessions with clients who were particularly prone to going into a deep hypnotic state.

Newton developed the "Life Between Lives" hypnotherapy model, and applied it to thousands of his own cases, which he documented and studied. He discovered several themes and patterns in the reports of his clients, such as what happens at the time of death, where the soul goes initially, the healing and de-briefing sessions, the reuniting with one's soul group/loved ones, the life review, the planning of the next incarnation, and the rebirth process. In addition, Newton unearthed reports of many other aspects of the interlife that help explain why we are here on earth, and what we're tryng to accomplish.

I have to say that this book, along with its companion book Destiny of Souls, changed my life forever, and alleviated many my fears, especially of loss.

This week I read another excellent book of the same theme. Exploring the Eternal Soul: Insights from the Life between Lives by Andy Tomlinson represents the next generation of these studies. Tomlinson brings together the work of the pioneers of this field and presents a concise overview of the interlife. I highly recommend this book as well as the classics by Newton.

If you're interested in experiencing a Life Between Lives session, for the purpose of healing an issue or just for the experience, there are thousands of trained hypnotherapists out there who are now doing this work.

Have a magical week.