Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Lesson #29: Working with Energy (Part 3 - Shielding)

To "shield" ourselves energetically means to apply some form of psychic protection so that we are not vulnerable to unwanted outside influences. Sometimes this takes the form of an etheric wall, while at other times it acts as a screen or filter.

The classic, all-purpose shield is a healthy aura, or egg-shaped field of light that surrounds your body and extends outward 18" to three feet in all directions. Anytime, anywhere, you can visualize a colored, golden, or (heavy-duty) bright white light surrounding and enfolding yourself, your loved ones, your home, vehicle, workplace etc., and this will serve as an energetic shield of protection.

My favorite energy shielding and clearing practice is called the Heart Chakra Burst, and is a variation on the above theme. It is based on the idea that the heart is the seat of the Higher Self and the center of our energetic bodies. Imagine a spark of light or a flame in the center of your heart area. Now quickly expand that spark so that it pushes out all unwanted energy and creates a protective field of golden light (or bright white light for serious protection) throughout your physical body and outward 18" to three feet or more in all directions. This exercise clears and shields in an instant, and can be used before you get out of bed in the morning and/or anytime throughout the day that you might need it. 

Generally speaking, anything that raises your energy and "vibration" (loving interactions, contact with nature, exercise, meditation, essential oils, beautiful music, healthy food, etc.) can serve a shielding function, whereas anything that lowers your vibration (negativity, polution, the news, depressing or violent music or imagery, inactivity, junk food, cigarettes, etc.) will make you more vulnerable to harmful outside influences.

This week, please notice when, where, and under what circumstances you find yourself feeling at the mercy of undesirable outside influences. Experiment with different forms of energy shielding to discover what works for you. See you next week.