Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Lesson #33: Habits Wreaking Havoc (Part 2)

Last week we talked about the natural tendency for beings like us to pick up the habits and traits of those who have influenced us the most, especially early in life. During the course of the week I found myself in a sort of  fish bowl of self-discovery regarding my own habits. I observed that some of my regular thinking and behavior patterns were quite functional and made me feel good about myself, like the fact that I exercise regularly and that in spite of occasional moodiness, I'm usually caring and optimistic.

On the downside, I came face to face with some demons dressed as fear and anger (okay, rage). It's not that I'd never met them before, (oh yes, I knew them well!), but they seemed so much more obnoxious and theatrical than I had remembered them.

At first I was embarrassed and humbled by the thoughts and feelings I experienced, but then I started getting the feeling that I was being given an opportunity to consciously let go of these patterns. After all, when they're operating below the surface and masquerading as slight nervousness or mild irritation we don't think much of them. No, this was a gift, and I had to choose whether to accept it or re-commit to the old habits.

Facing our own unhealed places can be difficult but it can also be tremendously freeing. This week, I ask you to look at your life and see if there's a tired old habit hanging around that you can now choose to change. Ask yourself if there's a message in that challenge or conflict that keeps repeating over and over again. You might just find that you have inner resources now that you didn't have before.