Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Lesson #38: Are You a Lightworker?

What is a "Lightworker?" Although the term has been around for decades, it has been (and still is) fairly esoteric. Simply stated, a Lightworker is someone whose life purpose revolves around helping people, and/or uplifting human consciousness. I like to say that Lightworkers are people whose job it is to uphold the light (in a light and dark world).

In addition to the work they do in the world (typically as healers, counselors, teachers, writers, musicians, etc.), Lightworkers tend to:

1.    Be particularly sensitive or empathic
2.    Feel different or odd (or did as a child)
3.    Love helping others
4.    Possess great creativity
5.    Experience ringing in the ears
6.    Care deeply about humanity
7.    Care about Mother Earth
8.    Follow their hearts
9.    Have a history of personal challenges and/or low self-esteem (which has taught them humility and compassion)
10.  Believe in love, peace, freedom, and other ideals
11.  Have a spiritual practice and/or deep connection with the divine
12.  Have experienced some degree of spiritual awakening

You may have heard of other spiritual categories and labels that describe people who may or may not be Lightworkers, such as Starseeds, Earth Angels, Indigos, Crystal children, etc. While these and other groups of souls each serve unique and important functions in the evolution of humanity, not all of them would be considered Lightworkers, per se.

Lightworkers are powerful but sensitive people who need to learn how to take care of themselves if they are to thrive in a sometimes harsh world. This includes health basics such as good nutrition, rest, and exercise, as well as employing energy management techniques such as grounding, shielding, balancing and clearing (see blog posts/"Lessons" 27-30, from August, 2011). Also important is it to connect with other lightworkers who share your purpose, thoughts, feelings and challenges.

If you have any questions or want to share your thoughts, I would love to hear from you. (See comments below). Also, please check out this great video by Kimberley Jones: "What is a Lightworker?"