Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Lesson #40: Bringing "11/11/11" Down to Earth

You've probably been hearing the buzz about 11/11/11, and, like the subject of 2012 and the end of the Mayan calendar, there is a lot of sensationalism surrounding it. In fact, there's even a doomsday horror film coming out this week called, 11-11-11.


This is one of those esoteric topics that tends to get oversimplified, polarized, and misunderstood. Although some people really connect with  the meaning and implications of this phenomenon, they aren't always able (or willing) to explain it in plain language that people can understand. What happens then, is that people start reacting to what they don't understand, and turn it into horror movies and other fear-based thoughts and behaviors. Or they say, in effect, "If I don't understand this, it must not be real."

So, let's see if we can break 11/11/11 down into its basic components. First of all, various cultures throughout history have viewed numbers as having certain qualities, mystical and otherwise. Apparently in medieval times, somewhere in the world, numerologists believed that 11 represented darkness and sin. The number 13 also got a bad rap when it became associated with witchcraft. (Even today, 13 is considered unlucky, but as someone who celebrates her birthday every year on the 13th, I can tell you that it's a perfectly harmless number).

Anyway, over time, numerologists came to regard 11 as a spiritual master number, a special power number, and it now represents spiritual insight and enlightenment, or at least movement in that direction. 11/11/11, in its most basic numerological interpretation, is considered an auspicious date because of the triple master numbers alone.

But there's more to it than that, and let me start by pointing out that our universe is a very, very, very big neighborhood full of mysteries and unseen energies. The truth is that what we actually know about the behind-the-scenes working of our universe is miniscule, and unfortunately we just have to deal with not knowing. Some people deal with it by saying that what you see is what you get, and that there are no legitimate unseen forces out there. I don't know about you, but I think we're ready to be a little more adventurous than that!

So, according to various prophesies, teachings, channeled information, etc., 11/11/11 represents a cosmic opening or an opportunity for us to make an evolutionary leap out of the old ways of duality and separation, and into a more enlightened way of being. It is considered an opportunity for increased alignment between the higher and lower aspects of self. 11/11/11 is also believed to be a sort of  kick-off for the events of 2012, and perhaps the beginning of a new era.

What should you expect this Friday? As it turns out, people from all over the world will be involved in 11/11/11 ceremonies at 11:11 am , as well as throughout the day, and into the next few days. During this period, sensitive folks are likely to expereince surges of energy, feelings of upliftment, and more. Less sensitive people may notice nothing out of the ordinary, or at least not right away.

These are facinating times. There is so much change in the air. We can fear it, embrace it, or deny that anything's going on, but this week I encourage you to slow down and tune into life as much as you possibly can. As 11/11/11 approaches, ask yourself, "Does anything feel different?" At 11:11 am this Friday, stop for a moment and close your eyes. What do you notice?

I invite you to share your 11/11/11 stories with me. Blessings to you, and have a magical week!