Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Post #54: For the Love of Angels

It's Valentines week, which makes me think about who I love and who I know loves me. Aside from friends and family, the group that warms my heart the most is the Angels. I'm not referring to the baseball team, but humanity's beloved feathered friends.

Statistics will tell you that most people believe in angels, and that the majority of cultures and religions hold strong beliefs in various forms of spiritual helpers.While I've always believed that we have personal spirit guides, I didn't always know what to make of angels. I didn't remember seeing them as a child, and while I did recall having an imaginary friend named "Mo," he didn't really look angelic. My Protestant church didn't mention angels except at Christmas time, and neither my family nor friends ever spoke of them. Like fairies, I thought that angels were beautiful, mythological beings, predominantly symbolic in nature.

All that changed several years ago when I heard a talk given by an emergency room physician. Apparently, a few years before that, he had begun seeing and conversing with angels in his ER. These angels were either advising him on how to save a patient's life or assisting the patient in making his or her transition out of the body. The story was fascinating because this Western doctor was no "airy fairy" guy. He seemed quite grounded and reputable, very scientist-like, and not at all prone to hallucinations.

I bought his book, devoured it, and went out and read every other book I could find on angels. I started sensing their presence around me and conversing with them, and before long I was receiving a great deal of information and guidance from them. I even went to Hawaii to study Angel Therapy with Doreen Virtue. Needless to say, I became a believer, and I continue to call on the angels every day. Seriously, I don't know where I would be without them.

While some people have concerns that we might be worshipping angels (instead of God), it is clear to me that spiritual guides, including angels, are God's representatives, or task force, if you will. When we work with high level spiritual helpers, we are connecting with God, or source energy.

We can communicate with angels anytime we like. We can ask for guidance, assistance, or help by writing, speaking, or simply thinking of them. We don't have to worry about bothering them because it is their job to help us, and since they are multidimensional and not restricted by space or time, they can be in many places at once.

This is particulary true for archangels, ascended masters, and other high-level bengs. While spiritual helpers will happily help us when asked, they cannot interfere with our free will. Only if we are in mortal danger before our time will they intervene without our consent, so, by all means, ask away!

So, what is your experience with angels?