Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Post #58: If it's IN the Way, it IS the Way

What's up for you right now? Even if things are basically going well, most of us have one or two areas of our life where we run into difficulty. For some of us it's health challenges or emotional issues. For others it's relationship-based. Maybe it's work-related or finance-related. It might be a new problem or one you've been grappling with since childhood. Do you ever think to yourself, "If I could get rid of this issue, everything would be fine."?

Even though that's sometimes true, there's probably more to your situation than meets the eye. It's extremely tempting to think that this thing (or person or place)--this noun, if you will--is what's standing between us and a more fulfilling life, but from a spiritual point of view, if it's in the way, it is the way. What does that mean?

Last week, I had the opportunity to hear a great talk by Gregg Levoy. He writes and speaks about recognizing and responding to our "callings," or what I often refer to as tapping into and following our higher guidance. Same thing.

Gregg points out that what's in our face (symptoms, relationship friction, addictions, etc.) is actually just the soul trying to get our attention so we can move forward. When resisting something becomes more painful than facing it, we get to see what we're made of. Eventually (in this lifetime or another) we get sick and tired of letting a challenge get the best of us, and we rise up to meet it. We've all done this many times before, so don't feel bad if you're having trouble doing it in your current situation. Gregg says that heroes aren't born, they are cornered. I love that!

So, what's in your face? Is there an issue that taunts you? What would happen if you reframed it as a non-punitive, but potent, wake-up call from your soul? What is this issue trying to move you toward? Forgiving someone or something? Standing up for yourself? Taking responsibility for your own happiness? Proving to yourself that who you really are is stronger than your need to smoke, eat sugar, or hang out with people who don't respect you?

Please join me this week in taking a fresh look at the issues in our lives. Instead of viewing situations as nuisances, take a moment to entertain the idea that these issues may hold the key to our growth. Just as dreams are meaningful and symbolic, so are the forms that our challenges take. Please share...I'd love to hear from you.