Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Post #86: Why 2012 feels like a Pressure Cooker

Are you having an intense year? Is a particular issue in your face like never before? Virtually everyone I know is experiencing some form of this, and what I've seen in myself and the people who tell me their stories is that whatever issue has been brewing under the surface for years, is now forcing it's way to the surface to be healed or resolved, once and for all. There's no more messing around.

As I look around me, I see a multitude of relationship issues, health problems, work challenges, addictions, acute anxiety, you name it; if it's been operating benignly underground, it's erupting like a volcano in 2012. Why is this?

We've discussed the Mayan calendar and such things (see post #47 from Dec. 27, 2011) so I won't go into any of that, but let's just say there are some far out cosmic things going on that are causing 2012 to feel like a pressure cooker. There is also a pervasive cultural reaction to 2012 prophesies that has brought about many TV programs (like Revolution, as well as science and history channel shows), and movies about the end of the world as we know it. Even if you don't pay conscious attention to this, you may still be subject to its anxiety-provoking effects.

Regardless of what will or will not happen this year or in years to come, I believe that what is most important now is to take a serious (but kind) look at what life is serving up for you. It's a time to go easy on yourself while taking responsibility for what you have already manifested in your life. And it's a time for getting your priorities in order and making conscious decisions about what you are creating for the future. (Which doesn't mean "planning ahead" as much as it means getting in integrity with yourself now).

Personally, I think this is all good. I see evolution---individual and collective---unfolding right before our eyes. This feels like a golden (if sometimes hard-fought) opportunity to clear out everything that no longer works. It's not always fun, but it is necessary if we're to move forward unimpeded.

So, what's been up for you in 2012? What is life asking you to change or let go of? Whatever it is, it's probably the thing that's been holding you back from truly soaring. When you see the issue for what it is---an opportunity for growth---you can face it with compassion for yourself and others. I think you might eventually find that this was a critical process for you to go through, and you'll be proud that you were able to work with it, instead of running away from it.