Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Post #93: Do You Have Time to Smell the Roses?

Does this year feel---I don't know---odd to you? I keep hearing people say that they feel reality changing, or that time seems warped, or that their bodies feel different. Have you noticed how many relationships are breaking up? Big shifts. 2012 stuff.

I know there's been a lot of talk and build-up surrounding 2012 prophesies, the ending of the Mayan calendar, cosmic changes, etc., but there was also a lot of hype about Y2K, and I don't remember much coming of that, or at least not in an obvious and direct way.

But this is different. It's like being in the washing machine and going through the gamut of cycles. It's deep and watery, agitating, still for awhile, until spinning out of control. Then it stops and you get thrown into the hot dryer, or hung out to dry. It's exhausting and disorienting, but it's cleansing, and a bit thrilling, too.

I know we're all busy and there's much to be done, but there's also quite a bit that we cram into our days that is unnecessary and just plain stressful. There are so many great opportunities in modern life, and we love to schedule fun and enriching activities, but how many of these turn out to be time commitments that take us away from spending a peaceful moment alone or with the ones we love? I think of this as "party-hopping mentality." You can't say no, so you do it all and end up wishing you'd stayed home and painted your toenails!

Life is changing (I believe scientists have actually verified that time is speeding up), so in order to slow down and smell the roses, most of us now have to make a conscious decision to do so. With the holidays approaching, I am vowing to keep life as simple as possible, which means being very conscious of what I say yes and no to. I try to remember that it's okay to respond, "Thanks for asking! Let me think about it and I'll get back to you," or, "I'd love to, but I'll have to check my schedule and see if it works for me." This also goes for invitations and expectations we place on ourselves. Self-bullying is when you force a trip to the gym when it really doesn't fit.

Are you too busy and/or having trouble keeping your feet on the ground? If so, what could you cut from your schedule? This might be a great time to reassess your priorities and modify your lifestyle. Good luck, and have a beautiful week!