Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Post #95: "Once Upon a Time," and Beyond

Do you ever get tired of fantasy tales of good versus evil? Nope, me neither. Whether it's Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Heroes, Avatar, Spiderman, Wonder Woman, Sleeping Beauty, or 101 Dalmatians, we humans love a good archetypal fight, and good almost always wins out.

Why is that? Are we mortals so inherently positive or do we sense (or even know on a deep level) that this oh-so-colorful earth/life experience is a collective drama enacted by us for some greater purpose? That the reality beyond the veil is that good always triumphs?

Perhaps you've seen the televison show, Once Upon a Time. It's a fascinating story about a group of popular fairytale characters (Snow White, Red Hiding Hood, The Mad Hatter, Belle, Pinocchio, etc.) who are cursed by the Evil Queen and transported (condemned, really) to the present-day, "real world" town of Storybrooke, Maine. They are stuck there, in joyless lives and having forgotten their true identities. Their only hope is Emma, the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming, who escaped the curse.

What I love about this show at this time in evolution is that it's so symbolic of the mass awakening that's going on for humanity. While I don't subscribe to the belief that we were ever truly cursed, many believe that there was a great Fall of Man (Adam and Eve in Christianity) whereby our disobedience caused us to be cast out of paradise, left to fend for ourselves in a cruel world. We would forget our true identities and lose our mystical powers. Love would be possible, but elusive, and would often lead to profound suffering and loss.

But, eventually something would change---a glimmer of hope would light the sky. Inevitably, this new energy would cause a huge ripple, even provoke a battle from those who would oppose it. The commotion would awaken the sleeping, and sharpen the focus of the partially awake. It would be a big deal---the end of one era, and the beginning of another.

For us, not unlike the characters in Once Upon a Time, things have heated up. It's a wonderful, frightening, breath-taking time to be alive. I believe we're in the process of getting our "powers" back and remembering who we really are. This week, I invite you to step back and notice the magic in your life that wasn't there before. And please, do share---I'd love to hear from you. (Comment below or write to me at: jvshinn@WakeUpSweetheart.com)