Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Post #97: What You Should Know about 12/12

Well here it is, the much anticipated December, 2012. An exciting time, to be sure, but confusing as to its significance. As I talk to people, watch TV, and notice my own inner process, it's clear that there's a palpable change happening. It's been coming on for years, but has heated up dramatically during 2012. And now, in this final month, there's growing anticipation about what this change will usher in.

While some folks prepare for mass destruction and chaos, others light candles and anxiously await the onset of a new Golden Age. Of course, what will actually occur this month remains to be seen.

Because 12/12 prophesies and theories are so diverse, confusing, and sometimes esoteric, I wanted to present to you what I consider to be the most essential and relevant information; so here it is:

December, 2012 Basics 
  • 12/12 represents an extraordinary window of opportunity for an evolutionary leap, as well as the closing of one chapter and the opening of another (as in one Mayan cycle ending and another beginning).
  • The new energy coming in now is a sort of "light" or increase in vibration that should eventually shift our consciousness out of the darkness (ego, fear, greed, hatred, duality, etc) that we've been living in for a long time.
  • At this time, your intentions and state of mind can play a large role in how the shift affects you and your loved ones. Those who welcome new beginnings and go with the flow will have an easier time than those who become agitated and cling to the old paradigm.
  • The dates, 12/12/12 and 12/21/12 hold particular meaning and serve as a passage into the new era. Amariah Mara writes, "You are set to see global insights come rushing forth on or around the date 12/12/12. This day will be the gateway to what will be a final walk-through on 12/21/12. One date is preparation for the other." So where you are and what you hold in mind on the 12th may set the stage for what follows.
Please join me in embracing this special window of opportunity by holding the highest intentions possible for yourself, your loved ones, humanity, and our beautiful planet.

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