Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Got Clarity? How Seeing is Believing

Last week, we discussed the benefits of focusing in on our dreams (whatever they may be), and putting our full energy into creating them. Writing about this got me pumped up and ready to go for it---that is, until I realized that my dream was not entirely clear.

My friend (who is going through the same process) and I decided we would commit to developing a visualization of exactly what we wanted to manifest, including how we would feel, appear, and behave in our new situation. We agreed to check in about it at the end of the week, and report how the process had gone.

No problem, I thought. I'd just have to take the time to sit down and get clear about the details, and then start seeing it in my mind. I'd done this before with great results---usually when I was going to have to perform in some way that felt uncomfortable or foreign to me. I would visualize all the details and rehearse the scene in my mind for a few days or weeks. Then, when it came time to perform, I was ready to go.

Only this time I couldn't form an image. In fact, the harder I tried to see it, the less clear I became about what "it" even was. Wow, bummer. But, while this was humbling to realize, it was also a relief, because it explained why I hadn't been able to manifest this desirable situation in the past. I hadn't believed I could have it because I couldn't even conceive of what it would be like. And how could I commit to, and invest in something that I couldn't conceive of?

What does this bring up for you? Is there something you want (romantic love, career success, peace of mind, piece of real estate) that has continually eluded you? Try this test:  sit down, close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, and imagine your dream. Are you able to see it, feel it, know with certainty that you can have it? Or is there something fuzzy, non-committal, conflictual, or unrealistic-feeling about what you want?

This week, please join me in anchoring in at least one important aspect of your dream. If it's difficult to see, feel, or commit to the expanded picture, just pick one quality that you are absolutely sure about, such as desiring to spend more time with your family, or wanting to feel good when you look in the mirror, or being willing to manifest more than enough money to pay your bills every month.

You don't have to fully believe it's possible---just be willing to hold that image in your mind. With practice, it will begin to feel real, and that's when the true magic can take hold. Have a fantastic week.