Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Accepting Change and Loss

We live in an time of tremendous---and sometimes turbulent---change. In fact, many of us believe that one major era is ending while another is beginning. As an empath (someone who is acutely sensitive to the energies of people, places, etc.) I have found that the last year or so has brought about so much upheaval (sudden illnesses, deaths, divorces, tragedies, extreme emotions and reactions), that I am forced to see life differently---as much more transient---than I did before.

Unwelcome change can be difficult, and there are two primary ways of dealing with it. We can either try to accept the change as an inevitable part of human life (and as something with potential meaning beyond what our rational minds can comprehend), or we can do what our ego likes to do and resist anything it doesn't like. Neither path is particularly easy, but one offers freedom, peace, and new possibilities, while the other holds us captive until we are forced to accept the change.

Of course, the grief that comes with great loss follows the beat of its own drummer, and it is quite normal for a person to go through various stages of emotional resistance before acceptance can be found. Suffering a loss of great magnitude can take time and focused intention to heal.

If you or someone you know is experiencing a difficult life change, I encourage you to seek help and assistance in working through the feelings, if necessary, so you don't get stuck in resistance and grief. Time does heal, but only if one's mind allows it.