Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Battling Demons: Is It Really Necessary?

Yesterday I was involved in a group discussion regarding how best to view and deal with the dark forces that exist in our lives and in our universe. Among the comments, two themes seemed to emerge:  first, that there exists a very real discrepancy between the darker forces and those of the light, and that we lightseekers need to be prepared to stand up to the energies that would undermine us. (We're not talking about "Lord of the Rings"-like war and drama, but we shouldn't be naive Hobbits, either!)

The other line of thought was that this duality exists only in the world of the lower self, and that when we approach this issue from the stance of the already-elevated Higher Self, not only do we possess all the psychic shielding we might need, but we don't even register the existence of a threat or battle.

Personally, I find both points of view to be valid because I've experienced success and failure within each model. I've been the Hobbit, the Bambi, the innocent who "never saw it coming," and I've learned from harsh consequences that we humans have to have some street smarts when we live in this volatile neighborhood called Earth.

As well, I've experienced that the best defense is standing in your full power and glory, and that only happens when you've bumped your energy up to the next level, (which can be achieved through meditation, laughter, communing with nature, energy work, and other emotionally/spiritually-elevating practices). We can't be fearful and truly safe at the same time because fear (beyond the initial warning signal) actually weakens us.

And so I offer this: "Trust in God, but tie up your camel." Know that this can be a rough place and time, but that there's beauty and light all around it. Raise your vibration as much as you can, and stay aware of what's going on around you. I believe this is how we can bridge the gap between our human and spiritual realities.