Tuesday, June 25, 2013

What Are the Akashic Records?

All that you are, have been, and potentially will be, is accessible through the Akashic Records, an ethic library or data base of every thought, feeling, intention, action, and event that has ever occurred throughout the history of the universe. By tapping into and working with the Akashic Record of your soul's journey, not only can you better understand your current life experiences and purpose, but also heal and grow with greater direction and ease.

"Akasha" is a Sanscrit word describing the ether or non-physical substance that exists throughout all things, beings, places, and galaxies. Within the fabric of the Akasha is a living, ever-changing, memory or record of everything that has ever transpired. While we all experience some level of access to these records (whether in waking life, meditation, the dream state, or through our intuitive gifts), I have found that learning to consciously tap into and work with the Akashic Records is extremely fascinating and productive.

The Records exist in holographic form, meaning that their entirety can be accessed through any small part of creation, such as within a single cell, but that the Akashic Records also appear to people as existing on another dimension in the form of an etheric library, super-computer, or other center.

Edgar Cayce and other reputable Akashic "readers" describe this vast library as consisting of three major halls: the Hall of Wisdom, Hall of Learning, and Hall of Records. These halls represent different types of cosmic intelligence, technology, historical data, etc., and are accessible to humanity as well as all other life forms in the universe.

Great scientists, inventors, teachers, artists, musicians, writers, and others routinely draw from, and contribute to, the vast body of knowledge, wisdom, and experience that make up the Akashic Records.

If you're interested in learning more, there are a number of good articles and books available that can help you gain access to the wisdom of Akashic Records.