Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Steps for Healing Wounds

Last week we discussed emotional wounds and issues, and how they serve as a gateway or launch pad to our personal evolution. We defined ordinary wounds as using what has happened against ourselves, limiting our possibilities in life. Sacred wounds are when we shift our focus to the infinite possibilities of our spiritual growth.

So, how do we do this? Actually the process is the same whether the wound is old or new, big or small, nagging or excruciating. Any time life jabs us, it is an indication that we're on the cutting edge of our potential for growth. It is life giving us an opportunity to expand above and beyond who we were before.

Life on earth is like a school for accelerated learning. We have easy classes and hard classes. The easy ones are a nice break from the rigors of the more challenging ones, but if they were all easy, we wouldn't learn very much, and we would quickly get bored. It would be a waste of our time and energy.

We knew this when we sign up for our life. We chose what areas we wanted to work on, and we set up challenges that would drive our learning processes. Were these lessons meant to be fun and easy, like in kindergarten? Some of them, maybe, but not the big ones. Learning to forgive ourselves and others, to overcome hatred or self-loathing, or to trust after suffering betrayal---these trials require us to work hard and overcome painful wounds or issues.

The following are some simple but potent steps for healing:
1.  See wounds and issues as golden opportunities for growth, sign posts for where you most need to go.
2.  Resist the temptation to see yourself as permanently flawed, damaged, or victimized.
3.  Turn your attention from outside circumstances/people, to inner awareness.
4.  Use whatever techniques you know for getting to the core of a wound or issue, such as journaling, meditation, focusing, or consulting a therapist.
5.  Once you understand the core issue, release or surrender it to your Higher Self or a Higher Power for healing.
6.  Forgive yourself and anyone else involved.
7.  Take whatever action steps are necessary for improving your life.
8.  Ask the universe for help when you don't know what to do, or when it seems too difficult to handle.