Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Parallel Universes/Parallel Lives......Huh?

Personally, I have never been a stickler for what can and cannot be proven by science. In fact, the ideas I hold most valid and dear, are far from provable, and I like it that way. My reality, like most people's, is based on personal experience and other information that seems true (so science usually just gets on my nerves!)

I have to admit, though, the fact that modern physics is strongly leaning toward the belief in parallel universes, or what they call the "multiverse," has me really intrigued. While there are various types of parallel universes, sub-theories and differing hypotheses, I'm most drawn to the idea that there are multiple copycat universes going on simultaneously that contain doubles of you and me living different possible realities (based on the directions our choices take us). Are these physical universes, like our own real consensus reality, or are we talking about possible alternative versions of ourselves that play out in some other dimension? Good question.

I recently read a fascinating little book by Shelley Kaehr, Ph.D., called Beyond Reality: Evidence of Parallel Universes. Shelley is a hypnotherpist who guides clients into simultaneous realities and parallel universes. Her practice often attracts clients who are hung up on a past decision they made and want to discover what would have happened had they chosen a different path.

In case after case, various hypnotherapy clients were able to trace the series of events that followed a decision made (at an important crossroad) that was different from the one they had chosen in their current reality.

For instance, a woman who had left a commune several years earlier and then spent many years moving from place to place, wondered what would have happened if she had remained in the commune. Through hypnosis, she tapped into two parallel lives, one in which she eventually moved to Canada, married, had a child, and owned a bookstore. She experienced a peaceful and pleasant life, but felt unfulfilled because of not making a positive impact on the world.

In her other parallel life, the woman eventually moved out of the commune but stayed in California. She worked in a coffee shop and lived in an old Victorian with several people who were earth rights activists. Even though she struggled financially and sometimes wondered if they were making a difference, she felt happy and fulfilled because she was making the statement she had come here to make.

Interesting stuff, huh? I was so blown over by the implications of having other versions of myself "out there" living out different life possibilities, that I decided to do some casual self-hypnosis and see if I could access information from possible parallel lives. What I found was that by just asking a "what if" question and being open to receive information about it, I was able to sneak a peek into other possible paths (not taken thus far in this lifetime).

I decided not to latch onto any of them or see where they ended up, but instead just enjoy the realization that my choices were, and continue to be, virtually endless---that the ruts we sometimes find ourselves in are totally of our own making. We can choose something different at any time and spin off a new reality. All we really need is a little courage and faith in the unknown (or maybe a lot of courage and faith...!)

This week I ask you to do a similar exercise. Think of a time when you were at a crossroad. Maybe you chose one college, career, or partner over another, and you wonder what would have happened if you'd chosen differently. Just relax, close your eyes, and gently let your imagination take you wherever it will. Don't worry that you are just making things up, and don't get too sucked into the story. Just observe and see what appears. Chances are, this exercise will reveal something about yourself that will help you move forward in your current reality.