Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Parallel Universes/Parallel Lives......Part 2

Last week I introduced the topic of parallel universes and parallel lives. We focused on the belief (supported by modern physics) that our choices actually cause new realities to be created. For instance, when we choose between two carefully considered options, the chosen one becomes our here and now reality, and the other one spins off a new reality somewhere else (or in some other dimensional space).

Today I wanted to share a few more "wow, what a concept!" ideas for your consideration:

1.   Tashira Tachi-ren, author of What is Lightbody?, explains that having "free will" means we can choose to do something different than what our Spirit or Higher Self would do, but whenever we do this, a new parallel reality is spun off. As we awaken and follow the path of Spirit more regularly, no new parallels are created and those from earlier experiences are "pulled back" and merged. Eventually the soul (in this lifetime or another) experiences a constant merging of countless parallel realities, and when all these parallels have merged, all you have left is the reality that reflects the path of Spirit.                

2.   The above reminds me of the A Course in Miracles premise that says every time we make a choice, we are choosing between love and fear, and what we choose is what we believe is real. Choosing love, kindness, peace takes us in one direction, while choosing fear, anger, blame takes us in another (or maybe multiple others, until we learn to choose differently).

3.   Frederick Dodson, author of Parallel Universes of Self, focuses on the idea that we're currently living out all aspects of our highest (and lowest) potential, so it's never a matter of manifesting or creating something that we don't have, but tapping into the parallel self that is already enjoying that desired result. He claims that we wouldn't even have a dream unless it was already within our experience. (It would not be a "live option" in our psyches). 

Note: To me, his implies that we don't have to use our minds to create something out of nothing, which is a stumbling block for many who would use law of attraction principles to improve their lives. When I think of my dream as already existing, it changes my energy from longing and lack to a quiet peacefulness that whispers, "it's already there---you can step in whenever you're ready, or you can choose something else..." 

This week I ask you to take a look at your choices and where they are leading you. Maybe consider an issue that's up for you, and all the thoughts and actions that led you to where you are now. Contemplate where you might be if you had chosen other options along the way. And, to be fair, think of an area of your life that you are proud of. Recognize that your choices led you to this happy state, and if you had chosen differently you might have ended up in a very different place.