Thursday, January 2, 2014

2014: The Calm After the Storm?

2013 was a stormy year for many people. We thought we were out of the woods when 2012 came and went and we were still here. The planet was intact. No global catastrophe ended life as we know it. 2013 felt like a breath of fresh air.......for a few weeks, anyway.

Then, some cosmic shift seemed to occur. People started experiencing more symptoms; relationships and careers began breaking down; unhealed emotional material from the past came bubbling to the surface. It was as if whatever had been buried, denied, or unhealed for generations had no choice but to make itself known. Something awoke the sleeping dragon.

Can you relate to this? I certainly can, (I'm still recovering from 2013), and yet I can't help but believe in the wisdom and necessity of nature, a force that recognizes the need to periodically clear, release, destroy, and generally act as a "shit-disturber" to that which is no longer sustainable.

Consider the paradox of the little planet we live on. It has gorgeous coastlines, majestic mountain ranges, breathtakingly beautiful canyons, sun rises, forests, flowers, butterflies, and people. But our same wondrous Earth  is a place where devastating volcanoes, fires, tsunamis, earth quakes, thunder storms, avalanches, tornadoes, hurricanes, and flash floods occasionally wipe out entire communities. We don't like this part of life, but it's natural, normal, and to be expected.

The same holds true for our personal processes and opportunities for growth. Storminess, duality, occasional dramatic upheavals, and the necessity to rebuild and reinvent, are par for the course here. There are certainly places in the universe where life is more mellow, but we're not living in those places right now.

This week, I invite you to view your life from the perspective of nature. If there were metaphorical earthquakes or floods for you in 2013, see your soul as having done some important clearing work, work that would enable you the opportunity to change course or create something new in your life. If you lost someone or something you loved, experience that grief, but know that this is the way of nature. Know that everything in the physical world has a beginning, a middle, and an end, but that love and happy memories are never lost.

We went through a lot in 2013, which makes me think that 2014 might just be a powerful time of healing and new beginnings, perhaps even a time of never-before-considered possibilities.

What is the new year asking of you?