Tuesday, July 1, 2014

What is Life Asking of You Today?

Have you noticed that some days are effortless while other days seem to demand extreme acts of courage, faith, patience, or self-restraint? Sometimes everybody's getting along and it's a gorgeous day, while other times we're sick, injured, and it's thundering outside?

Of course, we’d love to have more easy days, and they can be very restorative, but our most gratifying moments of growth occur when we’re challenged---when life asks us what we’re made of and we muster up the energy to bring it.
When the going gets tough we don’t always have the inner resources available to bring forth the A+, and that’s okay. We need not pass every test with flying colors, but there’s a shortcut available that might help you when you’re feeling tripped up by the aggravations or heaviness of life.
When you’re feeling challenged by a person, situation, or pattern, simply ask yourself:  “What is life asking of me in this circumstance?” If you’re fighting with a family member, for instance, the answer might be “forgiveness,” “taking a stand,” or “learning to walk away.” If you’re depressed, life might be asking you to “get in touch with buried anger,” “seek outside help,” or “leave a bad situation.”
Sometimes we get so caught up in the nitty gritty details---or the drama---of a situation that we forget to step back, take a deep breath, and view it holistically. Usually there’s a pattern in place that explains why this person or  situation is upsetting us, and it’s usually (as in always) more about us than them.
For instance, if people are always dumping on you, it’s because you’re inviting this in some way, and life is trying to teach you to have better boundaries, learn self respect, and/or take more responsibility for your life. The dumpers are your teachers. Similarly, if you crave a life partner but never find one, you are most likely conflicted inside, and life is prompting you to face commitment issues or fears of getting hurt, rejected, or something else.
This week, I invite you to look at your relationships and circumstances, and ask yourself what, if anything, life is asking of you to change. Notice any ongoing patterns, and whether you’ve made progress in this area, or seen things worsen over the years. Take time to step back and view the situation for what it is, asking your inner guidance what it most wants you to learn. 

Good luck with this, and have a fantastic week.