Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Inner Guidance for Challenging Times

I don't know if you've been experiencing this, but lately my friends, my husband, and I have all been noticing obvious signs of divine guidance. It's as if the veil between worlds has become so thin that the information we used to have to work hard to bring in (or keep out), now just lands in our laps.

Is this happening for everyone? I don't know, but my guess is that anyone who is open to moving forward in their lives is getting a lot of support and guidance at this time, and that those who are glued to the old ways of the ego are feeling a little cornered and freaked out.

Most people I know, including myself, have been experiencing unusual levels of upheaval in their lives: deaths, sudden illnesses, relationship breakdowns, natural disasters, changing desires, and other things we're not used to dealing with. But with these personal jolts come incredible opportunities to reevaluate what matters to us and make changes that will set us on a truly alive and purposeful path.

It no longer seems possible to perform the same soul-deadening acts that we've performed over and over again, as if we had no other choice. We can't get away with thinking the same limiting thoughts we always thought. What didn't really work in the past is being exposed to the light of day, or sometimes just destroyed outright. We may feel shock or grief, but if we look closely we'll see that that belief, old structure, or even person, had to move on. It's time had passed.

And so we move into a new era where we have no choice but to become more real and more conscious, and where we have greater access to our higher guidance. It all goes hand-in-hand. We don't have to understand why times are changing, only that they are.

This week, I invite you to notice what bits of divine guidance you've been receiving. They come in the form of chance meetings, hearing a song or discussion that answers a question you've been struggling with, powerful dreams, innovative ideas, new options for win-win situations, persistent inner feelings or messages, signs or symbols, or even direct communication with an ascended master or guide. These tend to be "aha" experiences, but can also represent a gradual dawning or awakening to the truth of a situation. Try to be open, and if you need clarification, just ask for it. Know that there's plenty of help available, especially when you ask.

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