Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Finding the Inner Guidance You Can Trust

In a world where we are constantly bombarded with expert opinions, manipulative marketing techniques, unsolicited advice, and generally too much information, it's critical for us to be able to tap into our own unique guidance. This is important not only for making life-changing decisions, but for gently guiding us through our daily experience and keeping us (and our loved ones) safe and well.

In order to follow your inner wisdom and pursue your life purpose effectively, you need to be able to distinguish between higher and lower forms of guidance. By establishing a close relationship with a "trusted source" of your choosing (God, your Higher Self, Jesus, Archangel Michael, Buddha, Muhammad, your guardian angel or spirit guide, etc.) you will have regular, reliable access to divine direction. You will come to recognize and trust the guidance they provide.

First, let's look the differences in quality between a trustworthy source and just any old voice in your head. A trusted source is a highly evolved spiritual presence that: 1) sees the big picture of your life, 2) knows your higher purpose and what your soul is trying to accomplish spiritually, and 3) can expertly guide you if you ask and then listen. Potentially, you have many to choose from, as there are an unlimited number of beings available who fit this description, but there may be one you naturally gravitate toward.

We also have less evolved voices (of ego) and entities (deceased loved ones, etc) who do communicate with us, but these may not be the most highly evolved or trustworthy. They may not see the big picture or know what we need, so their guidance is not always helpful. In fact, the many voices in our heads can be conflicting, confusing, and even detrimental to our highest good.

The following is a quick guide to distinguishing between higher and lower forms of guidance:

Higher Self or a Trusted Source:
  • makes you feel confident and secure
  • feels loving and supportive
  • is nonjudgmental and usually gentle
  • is positive, even when warning you of danger
  • is consistent, repetitive
  • encourages forgiveness and gratitude
  • promotes win-win situations
  • encourages being present in the moment
  • helps you fulfill your life purpose

Lower Self or Untrustworthy Source:
  • may feel immature, cold, critical, judgmental
  • can be selfish, competitive
  • condemning of self or others
  • full of rationalizations
  • encourages worry or blame
  • fraught with complaints and impulsiveness
  • can be demanding, abusive
  • focuses on past and future
  • promotes win-lose situations

This week, I invite you to take a few minutes to sit down, close your eyes, relax, and make contact with a trusted source. It may be God, an ascended master such as Mother Mary, your Higher Self or guardian angel, Gaia, or whomever appeals to you. You can use your journal to ask questions and write down the responses you receive, or just relax and listen or feel for responses. Notice what qualities (see lists above) you experience when receiving information. This will help you recognize your trusted source's energy in the future.

Know that all highly evolved guides are honored to serve you, and that because they are multidimensional, they can serve many people and functions at once (so you need not worry about taking them away from something "more important.") Know, also, that they respect your free will, and will never be offended if you choose to ignore their guidance, argue with them, don't speak to them for months, etc.

Enjoy this process, and if you have any questions or want to share your experience, please leave a comment below. I'd love to hear from you.