Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Daring to Step Out of Fear

Is it just me, or are we learning to say no to being controlled by our fear? This year, I've noticed that the anxiety that always kept me stuck, just doesn't have the hold on me it used to. The person I came here to be is pushing me forward into personally uncharted territory. (Note that this is not a walk in the park.)

But I'm not alone. When I look around, I see people stepping decisively into their power. I see men and women finding the courage to take important risks, and others rising to meet challenges that would previously have leveled them. I see superhuman kids---kids naturally equipped to deal with change, and face life's ugliness head on, instead of shrinking and becoming wounded like the children of my generation.

Is this courage complete? Is it suddenly easy to stand up for ourselves or do something that previously terrified us? Absolutely not. There's nothing easy about it, but it's perhaps less difficult than continuing to let fear rule our lives. It's back to the pleasure and pain principle: when it's more painful to to do what we've always done than it is to change, we change.

Are your insides trying to get you to punch through your anxiety or resistance in some important area of your life? If so, it might be time to feel the fear and do it anyway. We don't want to throw ourselves to the wolves, but we can't afford to stay within our comfort zone forever, either. There's no growth in that. Pushing our edges a little is critical to moving forward on our path.

This week, I invite you to listen to that wise little voice that is guiding you to take take an important step on your path, and take that step! Don't worry about all the necessary steps, or contemplate all the courage it's going to take to accomplish your new outcome. Just take that first step and see what happens. You'll probably feel great---not because you accomplished something great, but because of the message you sent to yourself and the universe about what you're made of. You are strong. You can do this. You have what it takes to move forward a step at a time until you're where you need to be.

Good luck, and have a wonderful week.