Wednesday, December 10, 2014

What Feels Like a Curse, is Not

Do you ever fluctuate between loving someone dearly and wanting to throw them in a garbage can? Chances are there's something or someone essential in your life who upsets you terribly. Or maybe they used to upset you, but you were able to work through your feelings, and now live in harmony.

In the latest episode of Once Upon a Time, the good citizens of Storybrook fell prey to a horrible curse cast upon them by a disgruntled queen. The spell would transform everyone into their worst selves and turn the citizens violently against each other. The modern-day Snow White and Prince Charming characters saw the curse coming, and locked themselves in separate jail cells, so as not to destroy each other. When the curse hit, their loving eyes darkened, and hatred began to flow. Meanwhile, in the streets, the townspeople opened attack on each other.

Long story, short, the curse eventually lifted, and the townspeople suddenly stopped fighting, in amazement of what they had done. They were friends and loved ones, after all. In the end, "Snow" turned to "Charming" with tears in her eyes, and apologized for the terrible things she had said to him. He interrupted her, saying, "It's okay, you didn't mean it---it was just the curse."

Have you ever felt subject to a curse such as this? (PMS and alcohol consumption come to mind!) As if a dark spell had come over you and you behaved terribly? I believe this sort of mental distortion happens all the time on earth. In fact, I believe we come into these bodies having made soul contracts, or agreements, with many souls we love, and some of those contracts involved themes of grief, abuse, addiction, betrayal, or even hatred. We just don't remember...

Some of the souls who love us the most would agree to play the roles of our enemies or abusers for the purpose of helping us grow and evolve on a very high level. It would feel like a curse while we were going through it, but eventually (often not until after our life was over) we'd experience the lifting of the veil, and the reality of the eternal love between us. We would recognize that they didn't mean to hurt us (or us, them)---it was just the curse.

It is never really a curse, though. It's just life on earth playing itself out the way life does when souls live in physical bodies in a dualistic world where emotions run high and people don't remember the lessons they came here to learn, or with whom.

This week, I encourage you to think of your conflicts and dramas as lessons playing themselves out with souls who agreed to work with you for your highest good. Notice how these situations and relationships have strengthened you and made you more compassionate and wise than you were before. If you are in the throes of a difficult situation, know that this, too, shall pass, and you will have gained something valuable from the experience, whether you can conceive of that right now, or not.

Good luck with this, and have a beautiful week.