Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Is Constant Change the New Normal?

Have you noticed how much more changeable life is than it used to be? Lately, by the time I've figured out what's going on and what I need to do about it, it changes. My opinion or solution or plan is obsolete before I can carry it out!  So then I set out judging or trying to corral the new situation, only to be wrong about it by the next day. How annoying and time consuming is that?

Now I'm in that awkward (but exhilarating) between-worlds state where I'm not quite used to "constant change as the new normal," but I'm not resisting it anymore either. Actually, it's kind of exciting to contemplate living in a world where you've given up trying to figure out and control everything, and just accept that following your inner wisdom will take you where you need to go from day to day. Visualize and work toward your greatest good, but understand that your journey may have twists and turns you did not anticipate. It's part of the deal, and that's okay.

I recently heard the channel "Kryon," describe this new condition as being like coming home from work to find that your furniture has moved. You're confused and perhaps alarmed, and you quickly move it back, only to find that the next day it has moved around again. You can keep moving the furniture back everyday and hoping that it stays there. You can yell at the furniture or bargain with it. You can get rid of the old furniture and buy a new set. Or you can look upon the situation with curiosity and amusement (after all, it's kind of neat that once-inanimate furniture is now alive and interactive. It makes life a lot more interesting, for sure).

Believe me, I understand how you might be feeling overwhelmed by the unsettled energy in the world today. There was a nervous build-up to 2012, followed by a 2013 and 2014 that seemed to be designed to destroy and flush out anything that was wasn't really working. It's been an exhausting few years, but we are still here and still forging ahead. And those who are no longer with us physically, are helping us along from the other side of the veil. It's an exciting time.

And so I encourage you, as you set out with your good intentions and goals, to be open to the new opportunities and circumstances that present themselves each day. Try not to be so in love with the status quo or your ideas of how things should be that you resist the reality of what life is handing you. You might not appreciate or understand it at first, but if you follow along (instead of being dragged), you will be taken to where you need to go. Sometimes it's an unexpected reward, and sometimes it's yucky-tasting medicine, but staying current with your life as it unfolds will never lead you astray.

Hang in there, and have a magical week.