Friday, December 26, 2014

2015: A Year of Manifestation. What Are You Creating?

If you've had a difficult year, there may be relief in sight. According to my sources, 2013 and 2014 were housecleaning years (purging what no longer works or serves us, in preparation for what's coming), while 2015 promises to be a year of manifestation. This is good news, as long as what you've been building and creating is what you actually want and need. But how do you know if you're manifesting your highest good, or just more of the same?

Let's review the last couple years and look at your progression. Don't worry, necessarily, if there's been a lot of trauma and drama---it's all part of the housecleaning phase. Remember, destruction of the old is sometimes necessary before building something new.

Let's look at where you've been, and where are you now. Have you taken responsibility for everything in your life? I don't mean you should beat yourself up for your difficulties. I'm just pointing out that whenever you blame someone or something outside of yourself, you're missing the opportunity to grow and move forward in your evolution. By taking responsibility for the life you've created (including all the people and situations you've attracted) you become free to manifest something better. As long as someone or something else is to blame, you're powerless and stuck. 2015 is a time to move forward.

As we rapidly approach the new year, I encourage you to make peace with all that has come before. Accept, forgive, make amends, and clean up your thoughts, because what you hold in your mind and in your heart, will follow you into 2015 and manifest in even more concrete ways than before.

This week is a perfect time to consciously release anything you don't want to bring forward into the new year, and to focus on what you want to see in your life and in your world. If 2015 is truly a year of manifestation, you'll want to be very clear with the universe about your intentions. Wishy-washy energy, or sour grapes from the past, will not yield the results you want. It's time to release the past, correct your path, and visualize the future you want to experience.

Please relish this time of reflection, and enjoy the new year you are dreaming into existence.