Wednesday, January 14, 2015

What Tricky Wave are You Riding?

                                                                                                    Photo by Mark Johnson

It seems that we each have at least one area of our life where we struggle to stay afloat. Of course, it's always an important area like health, body image, stability in a love relationship, communication with our teenager, or a work or financial issue. Then there are the highly delicate matters of self esteem and general lovability.

Whatever the theme may be, this wave-riding situation takes a lot of energy and requires lots of effort and intention. It's not easy for us, and it's not supposed to be. (What? I can't just master it once and for all, and live happily ever after?)

Paradoxically, one of the greatest (and most annoying) things about human life is that we have powerful opportunities to learn and grow. As souls, we come into these bodies to experience the ups and downs of earthly life, and to keep working on our challenges until we overcome them (either in this lifetime or another).

For instance, if we're working on fear, we get to struggle with our fear. If we're working on healthy boundaries, we get to tackle boundary issues. And if we're working on stability, we get to face life's instability. It's a highly effective school, this world, but also aggravating and exhausting.

When we're busy riding the wave of our growth (engaging in the ongoing cycle of some success followed by a minor or major wipe out), we sometimes feel like we're not making any progress, and we wonder what is wrong with us! But maybe the only real problem is thinking that this process represents a problem, and not just a lesson we're here to work on.

This week, I encourage you to have some compassion for the challenging themes of your life (and those of others around you). If you feel that what you've always done is not working, then try something different. Inquire within, or look for helpful guidance outside of you. You're not alone. But make peace with the wave you are riding, and with the idea that your process may be just as important as its final resolution.

Hang in there, and have a great week.